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What We Do
We design and develop business applications to meet the market needs of tomorrow. We want our clients to sustain and grow their businesses in a world where understanding the potential of technologies is not an option; it is a necessity.

The world is changing fast and the creation of new exciting technologies means we require unique communication solutions to traditional and emerging business challenges. Whether you want to enhance the efficiency of your business by adopting elaborate software applications or simply want to reach out to existing and potential customers through an online functional presence, we can make it happen. These are just some examples of what we do; we can accommodate virtually any technical requests.

We employ the latest technologies and advances in software engineering to get the best possible results. We want applications to be cutting edge and to withstand time. So many companies invest in older technologies only to find, a few years down the line, that their system needs upgrading. If you are in this position, do let us know.

Software Applications
We are experts at developing and delivering complex software applications from scratch. Our development consultants are not afraid of getting their hands dirty and our management consultants have hands-on development experience. We also have the capability to build upon existing applications if, for example, you want to upgrade your system, increase functionality or migrate to newer technologies.

Web and Mobile Applications
Web applications can vary considerably from simple websites to elaborate online systems designed to host a high volume of records, transactions or users. We also have experience with creating robust mobile applications. We can incorporate your existing business applications with the latest mobile technologies for cost effective solutions. More and more companies realise the potential of mobile platforms in generating more business. We are here to make that happen.

Software Development Project Management
Delivering cost effective Software solutions on time and within budget is what we do. And we know how to do it. Projects succeed when proper specifications, designs and documentation are a priority. They succeed when effective risk assessment is considered throughout the project.

Our management consultants are experienced. When we say we will manage a project, we mean we know how to deliver it. Whether your Software Project is simple or sophisticated we will prepare estimates, specifications and designs. We will advise what is best for you. It may be that you only require advice about managing a single project. Alternatively you might want us to manage your in-house development team. We can even develop and manage your project using our own team. More importantly, we will not let your resources go to waste. If you are planning to go from London to Brighton via Edinburgh and have not yet noticed the detour, we will point it out. We know all the shortcuts.

Some Great Clients

Bray Leino  Midas Group Ltd  Volkswagen Financial Services  The Mission Marketing Group  NHS Somerset
Westbourne Consultants (Europe) Limited
1 Royal Exchange Avenue, London EC3V 3LT
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